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[Can you drink milk after eating pineapple]_Milk_Pineapple_Can you drink it?

Pineapple and milk are very good foods, and they are often eaten in life. Few people may think that pineapple and milk are actually the same food. It is true. This can only be eaten together.One point needs everyone’s attention.

First, can pineapple be eaten with milk?

Milk is a versatile food in life. There are few taboo foods, and pineapple is unfortunately one of them. Pineapple is rich in plant acids and should not be eaten with high-protein foods, so as not to reduce high-protein foods.Nutritional value.

Second, what will happen when pineapple and milk are eaten together 1. Incomplete protein absorption Milk is the highest protein content in life, and pineapple is rich in oxalic acid. When two kinds are eaten together, it is prone to protein denaturation and difficult to dissolve.Reduce digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal cancer.

2, stomach stone pineapple contains higher plant acids, including supplemental acid, oxalic acid, malic acid, vitamin C, etc., will react with the protein in milk, making protein mutations reduce the absorption rate, while the complexes formed are still veryDifficult to digest, gastrolith may appear in large quantities, which is serious harm to health.

Third, can pineapple and milk be squeezed together? Pineapple and milk cannot be squeezed together.

Pineapple contains too much plant acid, and the protein content in milk is too high. Juicing these two foods together will cause a chemical reaction, and a thick complex will be formed during the juicing process.Considering eating, pineapple and milk should not be squeezed together.

Fourth, pineapple and milk eat diarrhea? Pineapple and milk eat diarrhea.

Pineapple and milk may have diarrhea when consumed alone, but due to chemical reactions when they are consumed together, a complex is formed in the stomach, which is difficult to digest. Not only does diarrhea occur, but it may cause constipation.intestinal obstruction.