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]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

[Can a mother eat pigeon eggs?
]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

Those who are weak, some people who are recovering from serious illness, or women during confinement, can eat pigeon meat to help nourish the body. According to this, some people usually eat pigeon eggs less. Everyone knows that pigeonsEggs are not easy to buy in life, and each pigeon egg is very small, but its nutritional value is very high, it tastes very good, so can postpartum women eat pigeon eggs?

Can mothers eat pigeon eggs?
You can eat during confinement.

In the diet, do not eat cold and spicy things, do not drink alcohol, increase nutrition, to light nutrient-rich protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs, beans and other fresh vegetables and vitamin-based diet.

Suggestions: It is recommended that you do not eat chili, pepper, pepper, ginger, and other onions during this period. You can eat some if you are breastfeeding.

Yes, do not eat cold and spicy things in your diet, do not drink alcohol, increase nutrition, and take light nutrition-rich foods such as fish, meat, eggs, beans. Suggestions: wait for protein-rich foods and vitamin-rich fresh vegetablesMain diet.
The nutritional value of pigeons is very high. Pigeons have strong kidneys, vitality, brain and vitality, improve memory, reduce blood pressure, adjust human blood sugar, beauty and beauty, white and delicate skin, and prolong life.

Benefits of confinement that does not return to milk to eat pigeon meat1. Pigeon meat contains a large amount of protein. Postpartum mothers consume pigeon meat in an amount that can absorb its nutrition, enhance physical fitness, and nourish blood and qi.

In addition, the amount of pigeon feces is reduced, which is suitable for mothers who need to lose weight after giving birth, which can effectively prevent obesity.

2. Pigeon meat is conducive to wound recovery, especially for mothers who have a caesarean section, which helps the wound heal quickly.

3. Pigeon meat contains a lot of pantothenic acid and chondroitin, which can not only beautify and improve the skin, but also prevent hair loss and improve hair quality.

Precautions for eating pigeon meat on the confinement 1. Pigeon meat cannot be eaten with pork, because the two foods can easily cause stagnation.

2. How to buy fresh pigeons: Look at the skin without red bloodshot traces, the muscles have elasticity when they are impacted, and the pigeon meat has a unique odor.