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[Can the maternal drink rice porridge]_Maternal_Can you drink it?

Maternal mothers can drink rice porridge while confinement, the nutrition of rice is very much, the nutrition in rice soup after porridge has not grown up.

Rice porridge is very easy to digest, and it is not harmful to the mother. You can add a variety of ingredients to cook porridge with rice to make rice porridge instead of nutrition.

The ingredients in rice can replenish energy, reduce maternal constipation, and balance the body’s nutrients. It can be eaten with some vegetables at the same time.

Benefits of maternal eating rice 1. Women’s stomach is weak after giving birth, it is not suitable to eat too greasy things, it is recommended to eat rice soup, rice porridge and other foods that can be digested and digested by the stomach, which will help the body to replenish energy in time.

2. Improve appetite, nourish yin and intestines.

Rice contains a large amount of carbohydrates and cellulose, which can promote digestion and absorption by the body and relieve maternal constipation.

3. For breast-fed babies, rice’s high-quality protein and B vitamins can promote brain and bone development.

4, rice contains y-oryzanol, proanthocyanidins and rice bran sterol, which has the effect of whitening and skin care.

It not only locks and replenishes water, but also fights skin aging.

Precautions for eating rice during confinement Although rice is rich in nutrition, it also has a certain degree of matching.

For example, rice cannot be eaten with honey, rice and red beans, rice and bracken.

Because the sweetener of honey and gluten-free in rice will affect each other, the same food will cause stomach pain.

When rice and red beans are eaten together, aphthous ulcers are prone to occur.

In addition, the same food of rice and bracken will hinder the absorption and utilization of vitamin B1 and reduce the nutritional value of food.

Based on the analysis of modern nutrition combined with traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, rice contains protein, trace amounts, vitamins B1, A, E and a variety of minerals.Ear eyesight, relieve annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

Cough due to deficiency of lung yin, people with constipation can take porridge with rice sooner or later, which has a good relief effect.

The effect of rice porridge The nutritional ingredients contained in rice porridge and rice soup also help young children to absorb nutrients, because the starch particles of rice have the smallest particles in various grains, are soft and delicate and easy to digest, and are more suitable for children’s stomach.

And rice porridge is also a good health food for the elderly, because the dietary fiber embedded in rice porridge can excrete bile acid from the intestine and prevent cardiovascular disease such as arteriosclerosis.

It should be noted that although rice porridge has high nutritional content and better health care, in order to maintain the balance of various nutrients in the human body, everyone should eat more rice and coarse grains while eating rice porridge.