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[Cartoon cheese bread practice]_ cartoon cheese bread common practice _ cartoon cheese bread practice Daquan _ how to make cartoon cheese bread

We often see some food shows on TV and see ourselves very discouraged.

Let’s introduce the method of cartoon cheese bread, prepare your own ingredients and start making it1.

12All the materials are mixed. After the kneading method, the dough is rolled into the extended state, put into the basin, covered with a safety film, and then sent to the refrigerator to refrigerate and ferment for 24 hours2.

21 Take out the dough once fermented, vent it, and divide it into 4 60g, 4 40g, 4 10g, 8 5g 3.

Roll 1 gram of dough into a circle, roll 10 grams of dough into an oval shape, poke 2 holes with chopsticks at the nostrils of the pig, and roll 5 grams of dough into a water drop shape 4.

2 After rolling, loosen the cover film for 15 minutes 5.

Combine the piglets as shown in the figure, and stick 2 honey red beans to place the piglets’ eyes 6.

Grams of dough are shaped into an initial round strip by hand 7.

Initially the round bars are tied into small corollas 8.

Drain into the baking tray, put it in the upper and middle layers of the oven, and pour boiling water 9 into the lower layer.

Finally fermented to 2.

5 times bigger than 10.

Brush a layer of whole egg liquid on the last fermented bread, put it into the preheated 180 degree oven, the middle and lower layers, about 15 minutes whether you like to cook or not, now you have watched cartoon cheeseThe specific method of bread, you must have learned something.

So put away your worries and act now.