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[Can yam broccoli be eaten together]_ 华山 _ 同 吃

Yam is a common food, and it has medicinal price ingredients. Yam can be made into delicious food, and it can also be used to make refreshing and delicious droplets. Yam is rich in rich nutrients and has a lot of human health.Help, in life many people have a soft spot for yam and often take some yam.

Yam can be eaten with broccoli and has many benefits to the body.

Can yam broccoli be eaten together? Yam can be eaten with broccoli.

Yam is flat, sweet, enters the spleen, lungs, kidney meridians, broccoli is cool, there is no conflict between sweet and sexual taste, and its main ingredients are moisture, impurities, traces, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.The ingredients are also quite similar, so they can be eaten together.

Benefits of eating yam and broccoli Mingming broccoli is rich in carotene and vitamin A, and yam contains vitamin A, which can promote the conversion of rhodopsin, and has the functions of eyesight and prevention of night blindness.

Supplemental nutrition Broccoli is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, much higher than plants in the same family, and yam is also rich in supplements, vitamins and minerals, so it can be eaten as a supplement.

Vitamin K contained in broccoli has the function of maintaining capillary pigments and can reduce red blood cells. At the same time, vitamin C contained in these two plants can act on melanin and promote the metabolism of melanin, so it can be used for beauty.

Selenium contained in broccoli, which has anti-cancer and anti-cancer properties, has a strong anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect. At the same time, it contains cellulose in each other, which can act on the interaction, promote the discharge of toxic and harmful substances during intervention, and prevent the occurrence of interactive cancerAnd other diseases.

Prevention of anemia Both broccoli and yam contain a large amount of vitamin C. After consumption, it can promote the absorption of iron and has a good effect of preventing anemia.

What to pay attention to when eating yam and broccoli 1. People who are allergic to yam should not eat yam fried broccoli. Allergic situations will occur. If you are allergic to contact, it is recommended not to contact immature yam, and fry it completely when fried.Serve after cooking.

2. Broccoli is a food that can cause allergies. People who cannot eat broccoli should not eat yam fried broccoli.

3. Patients with lupus erythematosus cannot eat broccoli, which will aggravate the physical discomfort.

4, yam and broccoli are cooked quickly, so care should be taken not to overcook when cooking, which will reduce the nutritional value.