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[Can not eat with chestnuts]_Recommended diet

The nutritional value of chestnuts is very high, supplemented with vitamin c, the vc content of chestnuts is even higher than that of tomatoes. In addition, supplemented with trace elements, it has a good conditioning and health function. Chestnuts can be put into many delicious dishes.At the same time, we also need to understand some food-related knowledge, let’s understand what chestnuts cannot eat with.

First of all, don’t eat chestnuts with mutton. This is because chestnuts and mutton are high-conversion foods, which easily lead to indigestion and easily lead to getting angry. It is best not to eat them together to avoid causing some digestive symptoms.Performance, to prevent the symptoms of getting angry.

It is best not to eat chestnuts with tofu, because the chestnuts are rich in vitamin c, and there is a certain amount of oxalic acid. When these substances of chestnuts encounter tofu, it is easy to mix with some magnesium chloride in tofu orCalcium sulfate forms a chemical reaction, which can form substances that are not easily digested. Not only is it easy to cause gastrointestinal reactions, it can even cause calculus.

Chestnuts are best not eaten with almonds, which can easily lead to stomach pain, because the fat content in almonds is very high, which can easily cause diarrhea.

Do not eat beef when eating chestnuts. Beef itself is not easy to digest, and it will affect the nutritional value of chestnuts. It can easily lead to indigestion and easily cause symptoms of abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting.

The above is a simple understanding of what chestnuts cannot be eaten with. Chestnuts have a high nutritional value. When eating, understand some dietary taboos. It is best not to eat with mutton, nor with tofu and almonds, and beef.So as not to cause indigestion and cause certain gastrointestinal reactions, which is not good for your health.