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[5 benefits of ground pear]_Benefits_Action

The ground pear has a scientific name, its flesh is white, juicy, crisp and delicious. It grows in the soil and has the title of underground Sydney, so it is also called ground pear.

And the content of lin in ground pear is the highest among all rhizomes, which can accelerate human metabolism and promote human growth.

Ground pear is a kind of vegetable. There are many ways to eat it. For example, it can be used as a drink, cooked after eating, fried after adding flour, etc. It has many benefits to the human body.

The effect of ground pear: 1 antihypertensive effect: together with 藕 juice plus fresh 藕 juice, pear juice, fresh reed root juice, wheat winter juice, known as “five juice drink”, used to refresh heat and reduce blood pressure.

2 treatment of esophageal cancer: 荸荠 10, cooked with skin, take daily.

3 treatment of sore throat: cold gizzard juice, 125 grams each time.

4 prevention of flu: 250 grams of fresh lotus root, 1 sugarcane, cut into sections, cook in a pan, cooked and eaten, has the effect of clearing heat and anti-inflammation, thirst and quench thirst, you can worry about thirst and low fever in the late fever, but alsoPrevent the flu.

5 Tongchang convenience: 荸荠 500 grams, cooked and smashed, add salt, ginger, soy flour, squeezed into balls, fried and picked up.

The raw powder is thickened into brine, poured on the pill, and tastes fresh and smooth.

The nutritional value of 荸荠 The phosphorus contained in 荸荠 is higher in root vegetables, which can promote the growth and development of the human body and maintain the physiological functions. It has great benefits for the development of teeth and bones, and can promote sugar, trace and protein in the body.The metabolism of three substances regulates the acid-base balance, so tincture can be eaten by children.

In the study of radon in the United Kingdom, a kind of “herbain” was found. This substance has a certain inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Aerobacter and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and it has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure.

This substance also has an implant effect on cancer.

Fructus Tendrazine can treat fever and thirst, and has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on people with diabetes and urine.

Scallion decoction can diuretic and leaching, and it has a certain therapeutic effect on those who urinate and drain, and can be used as a good food therapy for patients with urinary tract infection.

In recent years, studies have found that tadpoles contain an antiviral substance that can inhibit meningococcal and influenza viruses and can be used to prevent the spread of meningococcal and influenza.