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[Encyclopedia of Summer Soup]_Summer Soup_How to Make_How to Make

In summer, people will become more and more irritable because of the weather, so we can improve some diet conditioning, in the summer we can boil some nutrient soup, clear heat and detoxify and lose weight, such as winter melon kelp rice soup or raw winter melon pot ribs,Can help us clear heat and reduce heat.

First, winter melon kelp rice soup soup ingredients: winter melon 1 kg, pork bones 1.

5 pounds, the right amount of kelp, the right amount of barley, four candied dates.

Practice: 1. Soak the kelp first, so the kelp foams a lot, so a little bit is enough. Generally, the kelp will have sand, so after the soaking, the sake is clean, so that it will not affect the taste of the soup.

2. Chop the pork bones into several large pieces and spit out water to remove the extra aunty and fishy smell of the pork bones.

3, boil a pot of boiling water, and then pour it into an electric pot (because it will save power and speed will be faster), add the above soup, the water is better than the soup, according to the soup process, wait for three hours.

4. Finally add salt to season and you’re done!

Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing weight and weight.

Second, raw melon pot soup ribs soup: raw two or two; winter melon two pounds; two ribs a pound two or two; three slices of ginger; three candied dates.

Practices: 1. Fly water after cutting ribs; wash the melon, cut into large pieces (with skin); put all the materials in a clay pot, and boil the fire for 2 to 3 hours.

2, put salt when eating, drink soup.

Winter melon, spare ribs (soup residue), and eat with soy sauce.

Efficacy: clearing heat and relieving heat.

It is especially effective for hypertension, obesity, scabies, hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, edema of the athlete’s foot, unfavorable urination, and difficult to eliminate heat.

Third, the soup of loofah fungus soup: 300 grams of loofah, 50 grams of water fungus, 4 grams of salt, 1 gram of MSG, 1 gram of pepper.

Method: 1. Peel the loofah, scrape it and cut it in half.

2. Wash the fungus to the pedicle and tear it into pieces.

3. Add 1000 grams of water to the pot. After boiling, add loofah, salt, pepper, and when the loofah is broken, boil the fungus for a while, stir in MSG, and serve in the soup pot.

Efficacy: sweet and flat, slightly cold, non-toxic, rheumatism, meridian, heat and throat, Huatanzhike, cooling blood detoxification and other effects.